Why Serenus?

Serenus Global has strengths through our diversified assets and collective
expertise to maintain an efficient and scalable operation capable of
rapid growth and expansion into new markets as they emerge.

About Serenus

Serenus Global was founded with the vision that there will be synergistic opportunities as controlled substance research and progressive legislation continues. The Serenus Global team has had tremendous success throughout the North American cannabis industry (exits include Harvest Health and Recreation, acquired by Trulieve and Territory acquired by Verano Holdings).

Serenus Global aims to provide consistent and compliant controlled substances and services throughout the world. We continue to grow our business with profitable, attractive, federally compliant cannabis and psychedelic assets to service the growing global need.


Serenus Diversified Assets


  • Controlled Substances Dealers License holder through Conscious Compounds (Allows for production of Controlled Substances such as psilocybin, and psilocin)
  • 3250 ft licensed production facility
  • FDA & CFIA-approved building materials
  • Conscious Compounds off-take LOI in place for dried psychedelic mushrooms


  • $15M+ international supply agreement
  • Strategic international supply contracts in place in Europe Australia, Israel and Latin America
  • Big League Cultivation facility offers expansion to double current production capacity
  • Big League Cultivation sales and processing licenses granted

Picks & Shovels

  • Mushroom grow kit launched for sales in Canada and the United States
  • Consulting services for mushroom startup facilities
  • Synergistic support of cannabis and psychedelic assets

Growth Strategy

Serenus Global is currently a private British Columbia company that has been financed in its growth by seed round investors. With an eye toward international expansion, Serenus Global will bring strong assets into its network as part of our plan to become the world’s fastest-growing and scalable controlled substance company.

Extensive Background
Serenus Global has an extensive background in navigating complex regulatory frameworks associated with international controlled substances. Additionally, Serenus Global has secured long-term international supply contracts, contributing to a solid foundation for generating free cash flow and growth.


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Governmental regulatory initiatives around the world are legalizing the recreational and medical use of controlled substances. Serenus Global is positioned to take advantage of this evolving regulatory framework by expanding our global footprint, diversifying geographic risk and adding new market and revenue opportunities around the world.